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Finalist Entry for 2022 Writer of the Year Contest ...


If you're new to this newsletter, you haven't seen this entry. If you have followed me for the past few years, perhaps you've read it. This is the issue that is currently a finalist in the WRITER OF ...

Frustrated Man

Living on the Sidelines of a Dream


We all have dreams. The problem is we don’t always achieve them. Or maybe they are unachievable. Then what?

As an author, I’ve had plenty of dreams. Publish an article. Write a novel. Pen a ...

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The More People Change, the More They Stay the ...


(Reflections on a High School Reunion)


“The two most important days in your life are the day you were born—
and the day you find out why.”

Mark Twain

I love this quote. Mark Twain was on to ...

Girard-Perreguax Watch Dad Owned

There is No Time Like the Present, and No Present ...


The headline above was from an ad for luxurious watches. I borrowed it from the copywriter to illustrate my point. 

The watch pictured above is also a fine timepiece. It was a gift from my mother ...

Job Candidate Photo from Unsplash

The Candidate's Creed


A few years ago, I unexpectedly lost my job as a senior marketing communications manager. I was confused, disoriented, and displaced because I had stellar performance reviews. Yet, this is corporate ...

Kool-Aid Stand Resized for my website

The Price of Every Decision


Every decision comes with a price. A cost. In business school, they even teach you about “opportunity cost”—the loss of value or benefit incurred by engaging in one activity, relative to engaging in ...

Pier like in Santa Barbara

Excerpt #2 from my New Novel-The Desert Between Us


From time to time, I like to update you on my latest writing projects. This is Excerpt #2 from my new novel The Desert Between Us.

This scene takes place as the main character, novelist Chase ...

Clouds out of a plane window

Our Obituaries Are Written Before We're Dead


For forty years, I worked in the advertising industry writing headlines, body copy, overseeing a team of graphic designers, and developing creative marketing communications for corporate America. ...

Storyworth Book Cover

Relive Your Life (Then Leave it Behind)


A year ago, I received a unique gift for Christmas; a chance to relive my life. No, not like George Bailey of “It’s a Wonderful Life” fame—or Marty McFly in “Back to the Future.” I got the chance to ...

The Unpaved Road -- Fall Image

Take the Unpaved Road

(To find out who you are and what you love doing)


A friend recently gave me a book as a gift. It’s titled The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry. It’s authored by John Mark Comer and speaks to the same ...


The Singer is Silent but the Song Plays On


Last summer I wrote a newsletter that discussed Jane Marczewski, better known by her stage name, Nightbirde. At the time, this 30-year-old was suffering from lung cancer and made news around the ...

Father and son on beach

Excerpt #1 from My New Novel-The Desert Between Us


AUTHOR'S NOTE: The Desert Between Us is a story of love after loss. If you lose your soulmate or spouse prematurely, can you ever love again--to the same depth--in the same way? Or will your heart ...