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Life-Changing Conversations My Father Never Knew ...


I have shared different versions of this story before, but with Valentine’s day next week, I thought this short story of marital love was worthy of repeating.


Did you catch the headline? Read it ...


Fleeting Moments, Permanent Impressions


Now you see them, now you don't.

What am I talking about? Acquaintances who appear in your life for a fleeting—but instrumental moment—and then are gone. You may never see them again. Their work in ...

Photo of 5-year-old boy and balloons



Lonesome is a poem by the late 
Alice Hansche Mortenson
(Written after the death of her five-year-old son decades ago.)


AUTHOR’S NOTE: Alice Hansche Mortenson was a friend of mine even though we ...

Man on Bridge

Developing a "Sense" of Gratitude (in the New Year ...


When I caught a cold a month before Christmas, I knew it wasn’t Covid because I never developed a fever or other major symptoms, besides I had a home Covid Test Kit available if needed, and I ...

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How to Silence Your Inner Editor


Your inner editor. Every writer has one. You know, it’s that annoying little voice in your head that edits your work while you write instead of having the decency to wait until you’ve finished. Don ...

Christmas Lights

Unwrap a Forgotten Memory This Christmas


If there was ever a time for pausing—it’s got to be Christmas. It’s a time where traditions are born and memories are made. Oh, I know it’s also the most hectic time of the year, but it’s a time for ...

Hammock Photo by Ocean by Dean McQuade

A Calm or Exciting Life (Which would you choose?)


It’s an interesting question. I recently read an article titled “The World Prefers a Calm Life to an Exciting Life,” by Steve Crabtree and Alden Lai. In a Gallup poll, when asked would you rather ...

Green Metal Box of Dad's

Balancing the Checkbook of Your Life


Today, I was putzing in the garage—it’s what men do. We fiddle around, straightening rakes, hoes, shovels, brooms, old car parts, and lawn equipment. On the bottom shelf of my workbench is a small ...

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Carving Kindness Into Your Life


SPECIAL NOTE:  I’m getting ready for my book signing tomorrow, Saturday, November 6, and wanted to invite you personally. See details at the bottom of this page.


When I survey my life, I’ve ...

Book Signing Photo at Mocha Lisa in May, 2019

Join Me at My Book Signing Saturday, November 6, ...



This SPECIAL EVENT issue of PAUSE MORE. RUSH LESS. is to personally invite you to my book signing of The Glimpse on Saturday, November 6th.

The first 10 people who purchase a softcover ...

Grandpa's Cane

Building Relationships that Resonate


As an author, I write about what I believe is one of the most significant things life offers: relationships. It could be a story about forgiveness and reconciliation between a father and a son as in ...

Desert from Unsplash

The Desert Between Us (Sneak Peek at my New Novel)


This is the 50th issue of my PAUSE MORE. RUSH LESS. newsletter. As you know, this newsletter is dedicated to encouraging you to slow down your life—to pause—so you can celebrate the things that ...