Girl on Bike

How to Find Pleasure in Anything


I found this concept intriguing, especially in the context of living a more fulfilling life. Just how do you find pleasure in anything? You don't have to teach kids how to do it. In fact, perhaps ...

Mark in the hills above Walnut Creek, CA

Living the Dream


Living the dream. How often have we heard those words? How often do we—mistakenly—assume the dream must be grandiose—or it isn’t a dream worth living?

What if living the dream is—well, simply living ...

Sunset on grassy beach

How to Live Your Life—Backwards


Few things will make you appreciate life more than writing a eulogy for someone you love. Last week, I was putting the finishing touches on a eulogy for my cousin, a prominent physician, husband, ...

Mount Suribachi

A Devotion to Duty


With the Fourth of July upon us, I wanted to share a reflection on the

men and women that served our nation in WWII—one man in particular.

Tom Brokaw calls them “The Greatest Generation;” the men ...

Male Author typing on PC

Life Lessons from an Author's Life (Managing Your ...

Your inner editor. If you’re an author, you have one. It’s that annoying little voice in your head that edits your work while you’re writing, instead of having the decency to wait until you’ve ...

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How to Never Forget Who You Are (5 Bosses Who ...

Ever have a friend at work who later became your boss? What happens? Sure, the working relationship changes—but does the boss have to? I’m not talking about how reporting relationships or ...

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How to Enjoy the Journey, Not Just the Destination

So much of life is lived at high speed—when it could be lived on cruise control. Ever wonder why that little option in your car is called “Cruise Control,” when it could just as accurately have been ...

Hands holding gift

Unintentional Gifts


(The Best Gifts are Often the Ones You Don't Know You're Giving)

You never see them coming. You didn’t ask for them. The giver hadn’t planned to give them. But there they are—unintentional gifts. ...

Reading on the Beach

Reaping the Rewards of Reading


In an effort to slow down my life so I can pause more and rush less, I read an article today about the ten essential rules to slow down. The author mentions the importance of:  1) Doing Less, 2) ...

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Take the Scenic Route


For just over a year now, I’ve been quietly showing up in your INBOX every other Friday with ideas on how you can slow down your life to, well, pause more and rush less. This newsletter strives to ...

Piano and Sheet Music

The Music of Our Lives


This morning I read an interesting thought from Max Lucado, a bestselling inspirational author. I quote it here: 

“In his later years Beethoven spent hours playing a broken harpsichord. The ...

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Maintaining Perspective in an Imperfect World


I think we can all agree that the world has been crazy this last year. It’s easy to lose your perspective. Having recently retired, I restored my perspective by briefly reviewing my 43-year career ...