The Desert Between Us

The Desert Between Us book
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Two years ago, Chase Kincaid lost his spouse to a heart attack. And now, at the age of thirty-seven, he finds himself wondering if he could love again. And if so, would it even be in the same way?

It seems to him that no one can replace his former wife, Aimee. Her spunk, the way she inspired him…even his writing has dried up after she passed. Left with his son, Chase resigns himself to a single father’s life, hoping that the famous novels he pens are enough to help the two of them get by.

That is, until he meets Sierra Taylor, his son Clay’s third-grade English teacher. She reignites a spark in him he hasn’t felt for two years.

As the two of them bond, Chase finds himself drowning in guilt.

Is he betraying Aimee’s memory? How will his son react? Or Aimee’s mom—who blames him for her daughter’s death?

Through this exploration of love and loss, Chase may find himself falling in love once again, if he’ll let himself. If not, he’ll drift away not only from Sierra, but everything and everyone he loves—being lost forever in a wave of grief.