Reboot Your Life - Time of Possession

Chicken Soup for the Soul
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I loved my job in corporate America. After all, I worked for a Fortune 500 company, the market leader in our industry, and the world’s leading brand. As a creative writer and incentive travel planner in the marketing division of the firm, I was traveling the world, having fun and doing what I loved most---writing. Well, at least, part of the time.

Like every job there was also a mix of stuff I dreaded or downright loathed. And, after fourteen years, that got me thinking. In a perfect world, wouldn’t it be nice to design a job around what you enjoy most, where your greatest strengths lie, and where you possess optimal potential? The theory being, spend your career doing what you love most in life.

Is this possible or is it a pipe dream? Over time, I started to research the feasibility of becoming a fulltime freelance advertising copywriter and executive speechwriter. Much of my educational background, professional training and work experience were in these disciplines.

I started talking to freelance copywriters and speechwriters. I read books by the most successful among them and I got on the phone with them to discuss how to directly apply their ideas to my situation in my marketplace. 

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