The Three Most Important Questions About "The Glimpse"

The Glimpse on the Top Shelf at BN

1) What is at stake in this story?

The Glimpse is an inspirational story about forgiveness. At its core, it centers on the relationship between a father and an adult son and how vital it is to a son (regardless of his age) to be genuinely loved by his father. But what if that relationship is strained, stressed or severed? Can it ever be saved? This is what Nick Conway, a 39-year old rising advertising executive strives to figure out when he considers reconnecting with his alcoholic father whom he hasn’t seen in years. This novel suggests how reconciliation could prevail if just one party is willing to forgive.

2) Why do readers care about this novel?

I believe readers care about this novel because at some point in their lives they will need forgiveness. We all have significant relationships that have been damaged through our own human failings. We need to know why we should forgive, how we should forgive, and have a model of forgiveness. The reader will be changed by considering the notion suggested in this novel that God often reveals himself to us in “glimpses.” And those glimpses are all around us—usually in the everyday lives of everyday people. Finally, people will be changed by this book as they realize that their faith doesn’t always change their circumstances—but it often changes them.

3) What is the take-away value of The Glimpse? 

The take-away value varies by reader—that’s the beauty of reading any novel. I don’t want to give anything away in this novel, so let me just say that every book speaks to a reader uniquely. The message an author intends may be universally received, but its interpretation is exclusive to every heart and affects readers in a way reserved only for them. The Glimpse is an inspirational story of forgiveness and reconciliation, but how it affects you, personally, is something only you will discover. And that is not only a gift to the reader, it’s a gift to the writer.

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