My Commitment to You as Readers

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Inspiration. As a writer, I’ll take it anywhere I can find it. Where do I find it? Well, I can find inspiration just about anywhere but the most reliable place is in another writer’s words. When I need a spark of inspiration, I’ll talk to another writer, peruse one of my writer’s magazines, or read a classic piece of work by one of the masters.

Recently, when I needed a jolt, I came across this quote by Samuel Johnson, English author, essayist, and editor.

“What is written without effort is,
in general, read without pleasure.”

It didn’t strike me at first. It was a slow burn, like a branding iron, but its effect was just as penetrating and permanent. It made its mark.

This quote succinctly reinforces the writer’s responsibility to the reader. Writers have an obligation to the reader; an obligation to show up for work and write with energy, passion and discipline. The goal? To produce our best work and make the reading experience “pleasurable” for the reader. At the end of the day, I work for you. I write to inspire you, not disappoint you.

It honors the writer, every time a reader reads their work. So, I strive to honor you with my best work. You expect me to deliver on the reputation I’ve worked so hard to earn.

The other day a friend of mine commented on an article he read. “I read a great article yesterday,” he said. “It was very well written, and so easy to read. He must be a very good writer to write so clearly,” he concluded.
“Or, he’s a very disciplined writer,” I replied. “The easier an article is to read, the harder the writer worked to write it.”

Samuel Johnson was right. My friend found “pleasure” by the effort invested by the writer.

As I ponder the quote above, I’m motivated to choose my words carefully and be the best writer I can be.

My commitment to you, the reader, is to strive to make everything I write not only effortless to read, but a pleasure to read. 


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