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Welcome to Pause More. Rush Less. This newsletter will update you on what's happening with me, Author, James C. Magruder. Many of you have known me for years, while others I had the privilege to meet at one of my book signings at the Mocha Lisa Coffeehouse in Racine, Wisconsin or in Lake Geneva at the Beachside Authorfest. When you purchased my novel, The Glimpse, you signed up for this newsletter (or perhaps I twisted your arm.)

Nevertheless, what will you find in future issues of this newsletter, after this introductory issue? Well, I'll let you know what I'm working on now, such as writing a new novel, crafting a nonfiction article, researching a theme to develop into a book idea, adding to my website blog, and I will certainly share with you practical ideas about how we all can slow down our lives.

The principle behind the theme of my author website and this newsletter is quite simple really: by pausing more, we live more. Because by pausing more, we see more. Listen more. Hear more. Feel more. And consequently, respond and engage more.

Why is this so important today? Because the faster we run in the rat race, the more we miss what is crucial in life. I'm sure we are all consumed with news about the coronavirus. How could we not be? It is forcing us to slow down, hunker down, and rethink how we invest our time.

I'll be talking about TIME, particularly about how to "insert pauses" into your day so you recognize and celebrate the defining moments of your life--while they're unfolding.

Why do I write about these reflective slices of life? Because I believe, the essence of life is captured in "moments," not minutes. And I don't want to miss them amidst the chaos.

My goal is to email you this newsletter every Friday, or every other Friday. (Even I have to account for the unexpected.) I hope to share with you some ideas about how we can make this "forced timeout" more productive in our lives.

I'll meet you in your inbox next Friday.


Please feel free to ask me a question, leave a comment, or join my mailing list by subscribing to my FREE newsletter, PAUSE MORE. RUSH LESS. below. We’ll talk about how to slow down your life to live it more fully.

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