In "The Glimpse," are There Any True Elements From Your Life?

Sunset over the Lake

Yes. I think every novelist borrows true elements or circumstances from their own lives in their work and then alters them in some way. After all, the mantra for all writers is “write what you know.” So, it makes sense that we draw from our own life experiences when we write.

In my case, I have borrowed a few autobiographical elements from my life then fictionalized the context. Without giving too much away, let me give you an example.

Early in the story, one of the main characters is in a serious car accident. The injuries endured by the character are the actual injuries my wife sustained from a car accident she was in several years ago. This gave me the background I needed to write accurately and convincingly about the injuries, the complications, the medical treatments, and the recovery period.

Naturally, what I describe about Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, the charming tourist town that is the primary setting, is all true—from the serene Shore Path that wraps around the lake, to the flowers along the path, to the quaint restaurants, cozy coffee & ice cream shops. One character in the book is actually modeled after my wife. But I will leave that to you to figure out.


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