The Candidate's Creed

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A few years ago, I unexpectedly lost my job as a senior marketing communications manager. I was confused, disoriented, and displaced because I had stellar performance reviews. Yet, this is corporate America. During the arduous task of looking for a job, I wrote The Candidate's Creed below to remind me who I am, what I've accomplished, and to never give up on myself.

Later, I decided to share it with everyone who had ever lost a job in hopes that it would become their personal creed to never stop believing in themselves.

I shared it on Linked In a few years ago and received 8,000 views. I share it again and dedicate it to all of you who have lost a job in your career. 

May you never give up--because--you are a professional.



The Candidate's Creed


I am a professional.
But, I lost my job.

It wasn’t my fault.
Yet, it feels like it is.

There was no explanation, just an excuse.
It was painless—to them; costly to me.

I never saw it coming. You never do.
I will not waste time wondering about the reason.
Because chasing after the wind won’t change the outcome.

So, when I am down, I will hold my head up.
Because I am a professional.

When the days are dark and discouraging, I will remember:

I lost my position, not my skills.
I lost my salary, not my value.
I lost my benefits, not my health.
I lost my colleagues, not my friends.
I lost my role, not my reputation.
I lost my duties, not my identity.
I lost my livelihood, not my life.

Yes, my company altered my present; but opened my future.
I will not worry, I will not fear, and I will not freak-out. (OK, I might freak-out—a little.)

Somewhere out there is my new company, my new position, my new boss;
and they are looking for me.

My future is just around the corner,
and I will find it, define it, and refine it.

Because I am a professional.

I will plan, pursue, strategize, network, and follow-up every job lead.
I will never underestimate the power & potential of coffee and key conversations.
I will celebrate every small victory and learn from every defeat.

When I think the world is giving up on me, I will remember
that people cannot give up on me—unless I give up on myself.
And I will never give up on myself.


So, now as I look to the future, I will remind myself DAILY
that my past performance validates my future success.

I am a professional.



Author's Note: Several months after I lost my job, the largest career transition company in the world hired me as a consultant. I finished my 43-year career assisting up to 300 job candidates, middle managers and vice presidents, find new fulfilling careers before retiring to write full-time. You can learn more about me, here, on my website.

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